At Leo, corporate citizenship has always been about
doing what is right and making it a fundamental
part of our core business practices.

We recognize that the issues which affecting you and your customers, our employees and suppliers, the environment and other stakeholders are interconnected.

Happy, healthy and content employees are good for business and good for society as a whole.

Ensuring that all Leonians continue to feel this security is the ultimate goal of our internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. And this attitude and commitment has been an integral contribution to the overall success of Leo.

To maintain a healthy, educational and active cultural atmosphere at Leo and to contribute to the overall quality of life for Leonians and their families, we have undertaken a number of specific initiatives, such as: establishing the Astros Greenfield Garden facility which accommodates up to 9,000 people; holding various sports and entertainment activities throughout the year, including an annual Christmas carnival, the Leo Cup, the Leo Star Awards Ceremony, the Astros Charity Walkathon, and the Leo Cultural Festival; improving dining facilities, accommodations, and medical and transportation services; and cultivating and enriching our workers through training courses, lectures, skills programs, meetings and external exhibitions.

Publicly, we are active and keen supporters of our communities. We have assisted with the construction and support of schools, universities and teaching facilities; we support charitable organizations that care for the elderly and for those who are in need; we sponsor education and environmental protection programs, and we assist charitable groups promoting the harmonious development of society as a whole.

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