The success and ability of an organization to thrive depends on the
overall health and harmony of its employees, management systems,
and business vision.

We believe that our success is directly related to our integration and involvement in our communities. A healthy relationship starts at home and at Leo we actively support all Leonians, protecting their rights and interests, and cultivating their professional development. Beyond Leo, we seek to achieve positive relationships with you and our other stakeholders. We participate in a number of social and environmental programs, such as charitable activities, environmental protection and sponsorship and donations, all of which contribute to more harmonious relationships between us, you and society, and ultimately yield a more sustainable future.

We have been starting to voluntarily launch our first environmental/ sustainability report since 2010. Leo Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Handbook which is in synchronized with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) 17 areas of developments. It outlines the framework of Leo’s sustainable development perspectives, performances and goals in future. Learn more about Leo’s Sustainability Direction:
Leo Sustainability Report 2023
Climate-related Disclosures Report 2023
Leo SDGs Handbook

Environment and Society / Introduction