Leo has grown a lot since it opened its doors in 1982, yet we still maintain an intimate feeling where "people" are the heart of our business and accessible to you.

Our commitment to innovation, both in-house and when working on your projects, depends on everyone at Leo being comfortable with sharing ideas and opinions. Every employee is a hands-on contributor, and everyone is encouraged to multi-task and think beyond his or her primary role. Because we believe that each Leonian is an equally important part of our success, everyone contributes and collaborates in the solution process. In an open and fair environment, ideas thrive and people feel empowered. Leonians have enabled our business to grow and prosper and to implement plans that will ensure a continued bright and sustainable future.

The Leo Motto: People as our Foundation, Strategy as our Supremacy, Quality as our Root, Result as our Principle

At the core of our company is a deep commitment to Continuous Improvement and to Striving for Perfection. Over time we have strengthened our “quality culture” by increasing our dedication to Green Harmony® and social well-being, enhancing our moral codes, protecting intellectual property and ensuring that every unit at Leo follows and supports all of these values. We continually set the industry standards for unparalleled quality and management excellence.

People are the foundation of Leo. In our hiring, we treasure both ability and experience and encourage team-players. Hard work is rewarded and the success we achieve for our customers motivates all Leonians to do even more. Our company locations are positioned around the world and numerous languages are spoken at Leo. The result is an international team that reflects the global audience that Leo and you serve. At Leo the world is at your fingertips.

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