Green Activities

Activities Highlight:
Hong Kong Green Organization
With the commitment to producing greener products and contributing to a better environment, this year Leo is recognized as a Hong Kong Green Organization, certified by the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC). The ECC was established in 1990 to promote environmental initiatives with its members appointed by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Government. The Green Organization label is under the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence which is recognized by the community as one of the most reputable environmental awards in Hong Kong.
Volunteer Work at the WWF Island House Conservation Studies Center
In the last quarter of 2014, Leo joined the volunteer activities at Island House Conservation Studies Center. This activity helped enhance our Leonians and family members’ awareness and knowledge of environmental friendly practices and encouraged them to appreciate and treasure our environment through clearing, planting & lawn maintenance.
Eco-tour at Mai Po “Night Safari”
In August 2014, we joined the Mai Po Guided Eco-Tour ‘‘Night Safari’’ at the Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong. We enjoyed this meaningful experience and are committed to living in a more eco-friendly manner to better conserve our environment and future.
United Nations Millennium Development Goals - Green Office Awards Labeling Scheme (UNMDG-GOALS)
We participated in the Green Office Award Labeling Scheme (GOALS) organized by the World Green Organization (WGO) and supported by Junior Chamber International. In December 2013, we received two recognitions, the UNMDG (United Nations Millennium Development Goals) Better World Company Label and the Green Office Label.
WWF’s Pearl Corporate Membership Awards Ceremony
We have been a member of the WWF Corporate Membership Program since 2008. In October 2013, WWF-Hong Kong presented awards to 117 corporate members to acknowledge their contributions to environmental conservation and for reducing their ecological footprint.
Visiting Zero Carbon Building
In July 2013, we arranged a green activity for our Leonians and their family members and visited the first Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) in Hong Kong.
Tree Planting
Tree Planting Scheme
We have joined "Corporate Afforestation Scheme" organized by Friends of the Earth between 2004 and 2006- more than 300 Leonians and our business partners participated in the tree planting activities.
Earth Partner Program (FoE)
Earth Partner Program (FoE)
We continuously join the "Earth Partner Program" organized by Friends of the Earth (FoE) and are honored to invite Mrs Mei Ng, the Former Director of FoE, and sharing “Live a low-carbon life” to our staff.
Walk for Nature@Mai Po
Walk for Nature@Mai Po
We continuously participate in "Walk for Nature" program organized by WWF since 2007.
Sign for Green Action
"Sign for Green" Action
On 9th May 2008, Leonians signed and committed to "Full Participation in Green Harmony®".
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