Safety is important to everyone at Leo.

Image Heashan Leo MetrologyIn response to your and our concerns for safety, we decided to establish Heshan Leo Metrology and Testing Services Co., Ltd (HLMTS) which serves both internal and external clients. By improving the safety of our processes, production lines and testing services, we are a one-stop solution provider that you can trust.

In early 2006, Leo successfully established the consumer product management system and product safety system according to BRC Consumer Product Standard (ISSUE 2). By implementing a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system throughout the entire production process, we were able to clearly identify any product safety risks and validate our overall production processes. On an on-going basis these systems help to control any potential risks regarding product quality, safety, and validity.

In July 2009, we reorganized the Measurement, Testing and Knowledge Management Divisions of our Heshan Astros Printing Co., Ltd, establishing the Heshan Leo Metrology and Testing Services Co., Ltd. This new entity which operates according to the ISO17025 system, is authorized to provide a wide range of testing and measurement services ensuring that we continue to provide you with comprehensive and complete solutions and differentiation services.

September 2009 saw the birth of the Leo Innovation Technology R&D Centre. To strengthen the testing abilities of our technology lab, we purchased a large number of research inspection equipment to enable us to conduct a full range of testing services.

Leo is committed to ensure that you and your customers continue to receive the best available solutions in the market place.
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