Work-Life Balance of Our Leonians

Leo motto states ‘People as Our Foundation’. There are more than 10,000 Leonians working at our major manufacturing base in Heshan, China. Among these, we currently employ more than 140 Leonians who have special needs and are working at the specially designed ‘Leo Caring Production Shop Floor’ in our factory. Initiated in 2015, this is the first employment base in Heshan city tailored for special need persons and has been officially recognized by the provincial government in China. To cater to various needs in terms of differing levels of physical, mental, speech, listening or eyesight handicaps, we offer barrier-free access and facilities both on the shop floor and in the dormitory areas. In addition to this, our disabled employees are allocated safe and suitable tasks.

Balancing the work-life of our Leonians is important for having a healthy level of employee support at Leo. There is a ‘Leo Gallery’ showcasing the art talent of Leonians who like drawing and painting as a hobby, and we are happy to encourage our Leonians to use their passion while facing challenges of daily life.

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