To continue our track record of providing high quality and cost efficient solutions,
we actively research and develop new processes and construction techniques.

At Leo we have a constant need and desire to improve, create and innovate, and as such we are consistently able to offer value-added product innovations based on imaginative and resourceful design solutions. The research and development of new equipment, raw materials, secondary processes and the latest construction techniques, ensure that you receive a high quality and cost-efficient solution.
NTD Department
Our NTD Department conducts research and development of new technologies and materials. From our new facilities in the Leo Innovative Technology Center, our teams are working to ensure that you and your customers can differentiate your products in your markets.
Innovation Team
Our Innovation Team initiates design applications of the new secondary processes developed by NTD to give products a unique look, feel and touch. We are able to work hand-in-hand with you to provide numerous product diversifications and differentiations giving you an added edge in the market.
Product Engineering Team
Our Product Engineering Team is responsible for pre-production preparation and product construction. Its focus is on feasibility, construction techniques, and transforming the design concepts and new technologies to feasible pre-production construction samples. This team is also essential for ensuring a product's readiness so that every single product produced is of the highest quality and maintains its competitive edge.
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