At Leo we have adopted the "Lean" business philosophy
in all areas of our organization

From management to manufacturing, sales to production, finance to information technology, and more. We believe that Leo's Lean Way benefits Everyone involved.

With a corporate goal of exceeding expectations, all Leonians strive to make that goal a reality. To that end, the Lean model keeps all of us on track and moving in a forward direction, ahead of our competitors. By continually improving our processes and services, educating our employees and greater communities, creating new products and innovative technologies, and adopting a healthy environmental policy, each of us does the right job from the start.

Since implementing the Lean philosophy, we have reduced wastage, saved time, conserved resources and improved our competitiveness. Leo’s Lean Way has been good for the environment, good for you, and good for us. Everyone is a winner!

At Leo, we strive to instill the Lean approach in all areas of our business. This includes our customer-focused philosophy, our just-in-time production, and numerous other improvement practices. With an eye on the future, we encourage all Leonians to seek ways in which to make their service, process or jobs more efficient and streamlined. Each Leonean is a potential problem-solver or designer of a better and more effective method. The ultimate reward for everyone at Leo is a happy and satisfied customer, so we all care about and are committed to making that happen. When you are happy, so are we.
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The Lean Way at Leo means leaner and meaner solutions so that not only can we remain competitive but so can you.
In its basic sense, Leo's Lean Way is a win-win for all.
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