Functional Printing

ImageSince 2008 we have been introducing our strategy of functional printing that exploits the potential of concurrent printing technologies for the digital fabrication of items with advanced, i.e. "not only graphical", functionalities. We have also been expanding our functional materials database with testings for various specifications, printing techniques and costing. Once we have enough materials, e.g. conductive, dielectric, insulative, etc, we will move forward to developing the printing of functional components to be used for system and product development at a later date. Apart from the conventional graphical visual effects, we can create electroluminscent, thermochromic, electrochromic and many other functional effects. The implementation of functional printing requires well-directed interdisciplinary efforts to manufacture stacks of functional layers and to understand their structure-property relationships. For applications relating to our coreFunctional Printing business, those printing techniques and effects will be directly applied to and integrated with our paper products, gifts and premiums, smart labeling, functional packaging and so forth. We are committed to creating new business opportunities regarding the regime of printed electronics.
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