Waterless Printing

Waterless Printing is a type of lithographic printing that eliminates the water or dampening system used in conventional printing. It uses a special silicone rubber coated printing plate, special ink, and a controlled temperature on the press. As a result, it eliminates dampening related VOCs from the printing process, and therefore doesn't contribute to ozone depletion and global warming.

Advantages of Waterless Printing

Less Dot Gain
Clients seek high quality, accurate color reproduction. Using the Waterless process reduces dot gain dramatically.
Finer Screen Rulings
Waterless printing allows finer screen rulings on all stocks to 200–300 lines per inch — even on uncoated stocks.
Greater Detail
Up to 50% less dot gain provides greater photographic detail, achieving more clarity and depth, especially in
mid-tone and shadow areas of a picture.
Brighter Colours
With less dot gain more ink is applied, resulting in a vibrancy of color that cannot be achieved with
water-based printing processes.
Colour Consistency
Once optimum color is achieved it remains consistent across the press run.
Waterless Printing is an industrial revolution!
It eliminates the use of water and increases the quality of output.
It eliminates hazardous, ozone-depleting isopropyl alcohol.
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