Green Leader Enterprise in China Recognition

The China Environmental United Certification Center (CEC) awarded the Certificate of Honor for Green Leader Enterprise in China to recognize the outstanding performances of environmental management and green development in our Heshan factory in December 2022. In supporting the national green development and carbon reduction goals, it also reassures Leo as a green role model enterprise in the print manufacturing industry in China.

We care and conserve the environment. With our sustainable development business philosophy, we are striving to be green, low-carbon and zero-waste manufacturer and have managed our factory operations with this as a priority over the past decades. We were awarded the National Green Factory recognition in 2018 in addition to the Guangdong Cleaner Production Enterprise Recognition starting 2009. It is also our goal of contributing to a greener supply chain which can benefit our customers, business partners and our growth and development and create a win-win-win result in the long run. In terms of achieving lower carbon emissions in factory, we continuously upgrade the efficiency of our equipment, optimize electricity consumption and promote energy saving and recycle usage.
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