Quality Award in Jiangmen China Recognition

We are proud of winning two key and reputable awards in quality segment in 2022. Following the Hong Kong Management Association Quality Award recognition, we were awarded the 2022 Quality Award in Jiangmen China. The award presentation ceremony was held in January 2023. We are the sole print manufacturing enterprise among the six award winners and out of more than 80 participating enterprises in Jiangmen City, China.

As Leo’s motto states, Quality as Our Root, we are committed to quality management and we have strived for innovation and continuous improvement in our management and operations for four decades. Besides, we take ‘zero emissions’ as the goal of green development and have been carrying out greenhouse gas emission accounting since 2006 based on the standards and specifications of ISO 14064. Our management system is integrated with the international, national and industry standards on quality, environment, social responsibility and risk management which to support various needs of our business partners. With our ongoing transformation and upgrade to be a smart, Lean and sustainable print manufacturer, our vision and remarkable progresses have been realized by the judging committee of government officials. After a series of qualification assessments, on-site factory audits and interviews, we successfully passed all the evaluation and audit procedures in accordance with the GB/T19580-2012 criteria for performance excellence and Guangdong provincial quality benchmark standards.

In addition, aligning with the national direction of quality management and innovation capability upgrade in enterprises across industries, we were given another award of the Enterprise Quality Enhancement and Innovation Center in Jiangmen China. This was the first time for this award and we were one of five enterprises awarded this recognition in Jiangmen City, China in 2022. This proves that Leo’s business model for being customer-focused, smart, Lean and sustainable helps and contributes to the structural enhancement and upgrade in the industry development in China.

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