Celebrating Leo’s 32nd Anniversary


Leo celebrated its 32nd anniversary on August 2, 2014, with a cocktail party held at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui. In addition to sharing their excitement with all Leonians, Leo Management took this opportunity to announce the latest strategic business direction we are taking to support sustainable growth and achieve win-win business results with our clients.

Since Leo was founded in 1982, OEM has been our core business. Facing the current and future challenging and unpredictable global business environment, Mr. Samuel Leung, Chairman of Leo Paper Group, reiterated in his speech that our Group has reassigned and reorganized our management teams and business structure in order to stimulate our business development in both the short and long term. Last year we strategically restructured our OEM business organization and streamlined it into two major pillars – the Business Pillar and the Manufacturing Pillar. These two pillars, along with their supporting units, manage and operate our entire OEM business. In addition, several senior staff changes were made effective September 1, 2014. These further enhanced our overall planning and management, and all-round support for our clients’ sustainable business development needs. Mr. Leung also expressed his gratitude to every Leonian for their services and contributions in the past.

Our Group Managing Director, Mr. Johnny Fung, also shared a touching and profound speech at the event, motivating all Leonians to work together to realize our dream and practice continuous improvement. Facing dramatic market and economic changes these past years, Leo has encountered and overcome a number of challenges and adversities. He emphasized the need to act swiftly, and march towards a common goal to increase our competitiveness in the market. Last year we made a major change in our organizational structure. In the future, Leo will continue to make changes to make us stronger. After the speech, a custom-made video about our Group’s prosperous history was shown. It reflected Leo’s growth and development throughout the years, and fostered tremendous pride in everyone who attended to see how far we have come.

With a brilliant live band performance, interesting games and an exciting lottery, all of these events cultivated a joyful evening. Leo’s success is the result of the support of our staff, suppliers, customers and stakeholders, and we would like to take this
opportunity to thank you all!

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