Leo Eco-tour at Mai Po ‘‘Night Safari’’

Leo Paper Group is dedicated to conserving our environment. We always encourage our staff, suppliers, customers, community and stakeholders to work, live and commit to environmental conservation. In August, we arranged a staff activity and joined the Mai Po Guided Eco-Tour ‘‘Night Safari’’ at the Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong. This event was organized by the WWF-Hong Kong which offers an opportunity for participants to experience Hong Kong’s biodiversity and raise awareness to protect the environment. 


Guided by professional nature interpreters from the WWF-Hong Kong, we were able to discover some of Mai Po’s nocturnal animals, such as fireflies and the tree frog. Leo Paper Group has been a member of the WWF Corporate Membership Program since 2008. This trip has led us to realize the importance of environmental preservation and to learn about the biodiversity in our community. Our Leonians and family members enjoyed this meaningful ‘‘Night Safari’’ experience and are committed to living in a more eco-friendly manner to better conserve our future.

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