Volunteer Work at the WWF Island House Conservation Studies Center

In the last quarter of 2014, Leo joined the volunteer activities at Island House, the official residence of Sir David Akers-Jones, the former District Commissioner of the New Territories, Hong Kong. Built in 1904, it later became a declared monument under the Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance. In order to preserve its cultural heritage, as well as its diverse flora and fauna from the vicinity, the House became a Conservation Studies Center and has been operated by WWF since 1986.

Leo Volunteers assisted in collecting fallen leaves for mulching and collected grass clippings for composting under the direction of the facilities gardener. This activity helped enhance our Leonians and family members’ awareness and knowledge of environmental friendly practices and encouraged them to appreciate and treasure our environment through clearing, planting & lawn maintenance. At the end of the volunteer work, volunteers enjoyed the opportunity to make their own DIY potted plants by cutting used plastic bottles and turning them into plant pots.

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