InSite Approval - makes the overall process both expedient and convenient

At Leo we utilize Kodak's InSite Prepress Portal System to streamline print production and improve the processes of job submission, collaboration, proofing, and job-status tracking. This powerful prepress portal system enhances communication between us and you making the overall process both expedient and convenient. InSite is completely secure, portable and easy to use ~ simply log-in using your web browser and you're ready to go!

To experience the prepress portal, please E-mail us.
A few of the
time savings
from InSite at Leo:
Secure and convenient online access to manage job files submission, upload/ download, and review anytime and anywhere
Streamlined job management where all job submissions, comments and approval status can be traced real-time
Flexible jobs allocation and collaboration with your team members
Robust and secure online job submission eliminates additional media and courier components
Web-based proofing which also shortens lead times
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