Visualizer - create a digital presentation for your designs

With our Visualizer technology, Leo can help create a 3D digital presentation for your designs to help envision and then communicate complex print concepts, special inks and decorative finishes. This service allows you to visually share your ideas with your company and with your customers.

Here is a list of the basic options that
can be applied in Visualizer:
Different materials
Process and spot color
Special inks
Pantone matching system
Lamination and encapsulation
Embossing and die-cutting
How can
Visualizer benefit you:
You can quickly and easily create a dynamic model of your print concept.
You can see photorealistic, movable views of the print model as it appears in a 3D environment.
Visual images and interactive views assist the process by clearly communicating your design.
You save both time and money by confirming designs instantly and correctly.
Using Visualizer to rotate your print model freely in any direction, and in different light and shade environments, means that you can see your design from any angle. You can also see how your chosen effects reflect light and change appearance in various conditions. Visualizer gives you the closest demonstration of the printed product, providing you with attractive, high-impact design images in double-quick time, eliminating delays caused by using proofs and mock-ups, and further contributing to reducing costs. At Leo, we know that every bit of time and money saved is essential to you and your customers.

If you would like to see a demonstration of Visualizer, please email us.
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