UGRA PSO (Process Standard Offset) quality standard

Working environment

UGRA-PSOAt Leo we are always looking for ways to enhance our processes and improve overall quality in order to deliver solutions which consistently exceed expectations. Recently, the development and adoption of reference printing conditions (i.e. Standards / Specifications such as GRACoL 7, SWOP, ISO, FOGRA) have increased significantly. To keep pace with the changing market and ensure your continued confidence, we implemented UGRA PSO (Process Standard Offset) in December of 2008 when we received this quality certification.

The UGRA PSO is the method or standardized procedure for creating print products. Under UGRA PSO, we describe the testing devices and control methods, which include a number of ISO standards describing this workflow. We then use these procedures to control the production process. In short, ISO defines the aims while UGRA PSO defines the methods to achieve those aims.

By implementing UGRA PSO we are able to guarantee the quality of the complete print production ~ from the data creation stage to the final stage of print production. What this means to you is that Quality has become measurable, verifiable and provable!

ISO standards, which the
UGRA PSO covers, include:
Organization & Documentation (ISO 9000)
Data reception & data creation (ISO 15930)
Display / Soft proofing (ISO 12646)
Proofing (ISO 12647-7)
Standard Illumination (ISO 3664)
Plate making (Quality Management System ISO 9000)
Print production (ISO 12647-2)
Ink (ISO 2846-1)
Benefits to you
resulting from UGRA PSO at Leo:
Predictability and consistency
Guaranteed quality
Adherence to Standards
Confidence in printing
Consistency in color and production
Improved communication
Enhanced just-in-time monitoring
Consistent job repetition
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