Soft proofing - enables you to calibrate your design more accurately

At Leo, we use "Soft proofing" so that you can use your calibrated monitor to see what your printed design will look like when it is produced. This reduces creative and development costs of graphics services, shortens turnaround time, saves additional costs, and eliminates physical blueprints making the process environmentally friendly, in addition to reducing of the carbon footprint generated by costly couriers which are no longer required.
Soft Proofing screenSoft proofing enables you to evaluate your design based on the specific paper and ink combination used by the printer. This is called a printer profile. Printer profiles take into account the full gamut of colors, printing techniques and other characteristics of the inks used and even the type and colour of the paper used. This is because the spectrophotometer reads the combination of the ink, and the paper that lies beneath it. Therefore, viewing your image through the printer profile, you can see just how a particular combination of ink and paper would produce your design.

Test proof printing is eliminated when you use Soft proofing at Leo. This is because the Soft printing color provides you with the ability to view color on your monitor with a screen preview in exactly the same way as when color is printed to a hard copy.This digital process of using your computer monitor screen to preview items such as proper color assignments, overprints, separations, and transparencies, minimizes any problems on press and saves on paper and ink consumption.
Highlights of
Soft Proofing at Leo:
Reduction of creative and development costs for graphics services providers
Improved turnaround time and increased savings by eliminating printing and production of proofs
Environmental benefits are dramatically enhanced by eliminating physical blueprints and courier delivery charges
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